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Pros: -Content culminates, and the ideas build off each other while staying focused. Sometimes something just sounded nice. Other times I found there was good advice hidden in the lines. Overall the poems are well written and provide a satisfactory quick read.

Elite Power and the Illusion of Control, 1st Edition

Nonetheless, the enjoyment of these poems will primarily depend on the reader's perspective. January 23, - Published on Amazon.

Rogers was free might still be right now; I download the Smashwords version. So I rushed over and grabbed it. It's a short book of poetry.

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The description claims it's contemporary poems about "the storms weathered in both life and love". To me, the majority of the poems have kind of a depressing feel. They're about things like break-ups and friends with poor qualities. Share This Paper. Figures, Tables, and Topics from this paper. Figures and Tables.

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References Publications referenced by this paper. Visual globes, celestial spheres, and the perception of straight and parallel lines.

Rogers , Cassandra Rogers. Binocular Vision and Stereopsis Herbert L.

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Referral Card. About Us. Don's early credits included free performances for birthday parties and a small show for about 30 residents of a local nursing home in his hometown at age At age 16, he rocked the magic community by becoming the youngest known person to make a full size airplane vanish in front of a live audience, a record he still holds today. By 18, Don was touring New York State performing hundreds of shows per year. In addition to touring New York State, he took his act to the west coast and performed at the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood California.

After returning from his west coast engagement, he began teaching his own course in magic at Jamestown Community College in upstate New York, that lasted for an impressive fourteen consecutive years.

At age 20, Don performed a very special show in a private mansion to rave reviews. Don has also placed first in every magic competition he has participated. During one particular competition judges felt Don was overqualified for the junior category, and subsequently placed first in the adult competition. Rogers also went on tour with the Coca Cola Christmas Caravan, traveling city to city, state to state performing a special Holliday show for tens of thousands.